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  • 2015-01-14 · LPC2121 ic crack
    Beijing Sichip is a professional company to do LPC2121 dsp attack, we can offer the best service. Email: Skype: techip.mcu.02。。。
  • 2014-12-30 · AT89LP2052 crack mcu
    The AT89LP2052 is a low-power, high-performance CMOS 8-bit microcontroller with 2/4K bytes of In-System Programmable Flash memory.。。。
  • 2014-12-30 · TMS320DM368 ic crack
    Beijing Sichip is devoted in TI TMS320DM368 crack research and now can crack most of the TMS320 MCUs. Skype:techip.mcu.02。。。
  • 2014-12-30 · MSP430F6779dsp attack
    Beijing Sichip possess a skilled workforce of engineers working for MCU Reverse projects.We can offer MSP430F6779 MCU Reverse Engineer service。。。
  • 2014-12-23 · PIC18F67J11 ic crack
    The PIC18F67J11 is an enhancement to the PIC18F67J10 family, including an internal 8MHz oscillator, lower power and improved EEPROM emulation via word Flash write capabilities.。。。
  • 2014-12-23 · MC9S08EL32 Series ic crack
    Beijing Sichip is devoted in freescale mcu code extraction research and now can provide 8-Bit HCS08 Central Processor Unit uncode service, including MC9S08EL32 Series ic crack.。。。
  • 2014-12-23 · TMS320F2811 ic crack
    Recently, We had analyzed a wide variety of chip types which are commonly used in different industries, and we can open the chips and extract the program inside successfully. So now, we can extract the code from locked TMS320F2811 in very short time.。。。
  • 2014-12-23 · TMS320C10 code extraction
    Beijing Sichip now can crack the TMS320C10 successfully. Professional technology and experienced engineers can ensure the short decryption cycle and 100% success.。。。
  • 2014-12-23 · TI TMS320F28021 mcu reverse
    C2000 was used to be thought unable to crack, because the performance and encryption of the TMS320 series DSP of TI was greatly improved. After deep research, Beijing Sichip now can offer TMS320 series code extraction service.。。。
  • 2014-12-23 · MC56F84789 ic crack
    The MC56F84789 included on the board comes pre-loaded with an application demonstrating the ADC with an FIR filter application. Beijing Sichip offers the MC56F84789 code extraction service. It can be finished within 2 days.。。。