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Digital Signal Processor

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DSP, short of "Digital Signal Processor", is integrated as a chip, as the size of only a large coin. DSP is particularly suitable for digital signal processing microprocessor of performing operations, and its main application is in real-time to quickly achieve a variety of digital signal processing algorithms. 

According to the requirements of digital signal processing, DSP typically has the following main characteristics: 
(1) Within one instruction cycle to complete one multiplication and one addition; 
(2) Separate program and data spaces, and access instructions and data simultaneously; 
(3) a fast on-chip RAM, in a commonly accessible simultaneously by two separate data buses; 
(4) having low or no overhead cost hardware support circulation and jumps; 
(5) The fast interrupt processing and hardware I / O support; 
(6) having a plurality of hardware address in a single cycle operation of the generator; 
(7) can perform multiple operations in parallel; 
(8) supports pipelining, so fetch, decode and execute other operations can be overlapped execution. 

Of course, compared with the general-purpose microprocessor, the other common features of DSP are relatively weak.

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