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ARM (Advanced RISC Machines)

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ARM (Advanced RISC Machines) is a generic term for a microprocessor, is a kind of 32-bit embedded RISC processor. 

ARM has three main characteristics: low power consumption & strong function, 16/32 pairs of instruction set and many partners. 
1, small size, low power, low cost, high performance; 
2, support Thumb (16-bit) / ARM (32-bit) dual instruction set can be well compatible with 8/16-bit devices; 
3, the extensive use of registers, instruction executes faster; 
4, most of the data operations are completed in the register; 
5, flexible and simple addressing modes, high efficiency; 
6, the instruction length is fixed. 

ARM7, ARM9, ARM9E, and ARM10 as four general-purpose processor series, each series offers a relatively unique performance to meet the needs of different applications. Most of the ARM microprocessor chip memory capacity is not too large, require the user in the design of the system outside the extended memory, but there are also parts of the chip has a relatively large on-chip memory in order to simplify the design of the system.

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