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TMS320C5505 mcu reverse

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The TMS320C5505 achieves high performance and low power through increased parallelism and total focus on power savings. Beijing Sichip now can finish the TMS320C5505 dsp crack within 2 hours.

Features of TMS320C5505:
• LCD Bridge With Asynchronous Interface and Two Internal Data/Operand Write Buses 
• Tightly-Coupled FFT Hardware Accelerator
– Software-Compatible With C55x Devices 
– Industrial Temperature Devices Available ADC
• 10-Bit 4-Input Successive Approximation (SAR)
• 320K Bytes Zero-Wait State On-Chip RAM, 
• Real-Time Clock (RTC) With Crystal Input
• Four Core Isolated Power Supply Domains:
• Four I/O Isolated Power Supply Domains: RTC
• One integrated LDO (ANA_LDO) to power DSP
• 4M x 16-Bit Maximum Addressable External 
• Low-Power S/W Programmable Phase-Locked Memory Space Loop Clock Generator
• 16-/8-Bit External Memory Interface (EMIF) with 
• On-Chip ROM Bootloader (RBL) to Boot From Glueless Interface
• Up to 26 General-Purpose I/O (GPIO) Pins 
• 196-Terminal Pb-Free Plastic BGA

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