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TMS320C6457 IC crack

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The TMS320C6457 integrates a large amount of on-chip memory organized as a two-level memory system. Beijing shouxi zhixin company professional institutes and research laboratories for chip decryption has achieved successful breakthrough on TMS320C6457 dsp attack. Email:  Skype: techip.mcu.02

Features of TMS320C6457:
Supports Over 694 7.95-Kbps AMR
Programmable Code Parameters
Two Enhanced Turbo Decoder Coprocessors  
Each TCP2 Supports up to Eight 2-Mbps 3GPP 
Programmable Turbo Code and Decoding Parameters
Endianess: Little Endian, Big Endian
64-Bit External Memory Interface 
Glueless Interface to Asynchronous Memories and Synchronous Memories 
Supports Interface to Standard Sync Devices and Custom Logic 
32M-Byte Total Addressable External Memory Space
32-Bit DDR2 Memory Controller 
IEEE 1149.6 Compliant I/Os
EDMA3 Controller  
32-/16-Bit Host-Port Interface 

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