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TMS320C28342 dsp crack

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Designed for real-time control applications, the TMS320C28342 is based on the C28x™ core, making it code-compatible with all C28x microcontrollers. For TMS320C28342,the reverse engineer has a good understanding of Single-chip algorithms and architectures ,so they can provide the most professional and reliable TMS320C28342 MCU Reverse engineering service.

Features of TMS320C28342:
Eighteen Enhanced Pulse Width Modulator Outputs
Dedicated 16-Bit Time-Based Counter With Period and Frequency Control
Single-Edge, Dual-Edge Symmetric, or Dual-Edge Asymmetric Outputs
Up to 9 HRPWM Outputs With 55-ps MEP Resolution at VDD = 1.1 V 
Six 32-Bit Enhanced Capture Modules
Configurable as 3 Capture Inputs or 3 Auxiliary Pulse Width Modulator Outputs
Single-Shot Capture of up to Four Event Time-Stamps
Three 32-Bit Quadrature Encoder Pulse Modules
Six 32-Bit Timers and Nine 16-Bit Timers
External ADC Interface
Up to 88 Individually Programmable, Multiplexed GPIO Pins With Input Filtering

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