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TMS320F28050 dsp crack

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Features of TMS320F28050:
Eight 32-Bit Instructions/Cycle
Twenty-Eight Operations/Cycle
Fully Software-Compatible With C62x™
C6414/15/16 Devices Pin-Compatible
Extended Temperature Devices Available
Two Multipliers Support Four 16 x 16-Bit Multiplies
8-Bit Overflow Protection
Bit-Field Extract, Set, Clear
Normalization, Saturation, Bit-Counting
VelociTI.2™ Increased Orthogonality
1.67-/1.39-/1.17-/1-ns Instruction Cycle
600-/720-/850-MHz, 1-GHz Clock Rate

The TMS320F28050 possess the operational flexibility of high-speed controllers and the numerical capability of array processors. Short decryption cycle and high success rate surely bring you the best service.

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