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NXP crack MCU

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NXP is one of the most important semiconductor companies. It can meet the different needs from the mobile phone to the car. Rescently, the need of NXP MCU crack is also increasing rapidly. Beijing Sichip can offer the service. It is used for study, research and other legal ways only.

In the following, I list part of the NXP MCU we can crack, pls check as a reference. For other chips not in the list, do not hesitate to touch me.

LPC1112FDH28  LPC1113FBD48  LPC1114FBD48  LPC1343FBD48
LPC1768FBD100 LPC2101FBD48  LPC2106FHN48  LPC2109FBD64  
LPC2129FBD64  LPC2220FET144 LPC2290FBD144 LPC2362FBD100
LPC2364FET100 LPC2420FET208 LPC2478FBD208......

P87C51MA2  P87C51MB2  P87C51MC2  P87C51SB  P87C51SF
P87C51UB   P87C51UF   P87C51X2   P87C52    P87C52SB
P87C52SF   P87C52UB   P87C52UF   P87C52X2  P87C54
P87C54SB   P87C54SF   P87C58SB   P87C58UB......

P89C51UB  P89C51X2  P89C51X2B  P89C51UF  P89C52  P89C52B
P89C52UB  P89C52UF  P89C52X2   P89C52X2B P89C54  P89C54B
P89C54UB  P89C54UF  P89C51X2F  PP89C52XF......

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