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TI DSP attack

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The main products of Texas Instruments incude: MCU, DSP, ARM. TI uses the increasingly complex signal-processing technology to literally and repeatedly change the world. Through deep research, Beijing Sichip has developed mature method to crack MCU. Now we can finish the DSP crack within one hour.

TM320LF2401  TMS320LF2403  TMS320LF2406  TMS320LF2407  TMS320F2801
TMS320F2806  TMS320F2808   TMS320F2810   TMS320F2811   TMS320F2812
TMS320F28015 TMS320F28016  TMS320F28022  TMS320F28335  TMS320F28334
TMS320F28332 TMS320C28346  TMS320C28345  TMS320C28344......

MSP430F1232  MSP430F1611  MSP430F157  MSP430F149  MSP430F2416
MSP430F2234  MSP430F2616  MSP430F2410 MSP430F2232 MSP430F2491
MSP430F2370  MSP430F2132  MSP430F325  MSP430F5270 MSP430F3177
MSP430F3013  MSP430G2755  MSP430G2452 MSP430G2231......

In the above, I list part of the TI chips we can crack. For new models not in the list, do not hesitate to touch me.

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