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TMS320C6674 ic crack

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TMS320C6674 is integrated with four C66x CorePac DSPs, each core runs at 1.0 to 1.25 GHz enabling up to 5 GHz. Beijing Sichip offers the TMS320C6674 dsp attack service. we can ensure 100% success.

Features of TMS320C6674:
Multicore Navigator and TeraNet Switch Fabric - 2 Tb
Network Coprocessors- Packet Accelerator, Security Accelerator
Four Lanes of SRIO 2.1 - 5 Gbaud Per Lane Full Duplex
Two Lanes PCIe Gen2 - 5 Gbaud Per Lane Full Duplex
HyperLink - 50Gbaud Operation, Full Duplex
Ethernet MAC Subsystem - Two SGMII Ports w/ 10/100/1000 Mbps operation
64-Bit DDR3 Interface (DDR3-1600) - 8 GByte Addressable Memory Space
16-Bit EMIF - Async SRAM, NAND and NOR Flash Support
Two Telecom Serial Ports (TSIP) - 2/4/8 Lanes at 32.768/16.384/8.192
UART Interface
I2C Interface
16 GPIO Pins
SPI Interface
Sixteen 64-Bit Timers
Three On-Chip PLLs

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