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TMS320C6654 mcu reverse

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The TMS320C6654 supports high-performance signal processing applications such as mission critical, medical imaging, test, and automation. Beijing Sichip is a professioanl company to do TMS320C6654 code extraction. Email:  Skype: techip.mcu.02

Features of TMS320C6654:
One TMS320C66x DSP Core Subsystem at 850MHz
27.2 GMAC/13.6 GFLOP @ 850 MHz
32KB L1P, 32KB L1D, 1024KB L2 Per Core
1MB Shared L2
Multicore Navigator and TeraNet Switch Fabric - 2 Tb
Two Lanes PCIe Gen2 - 5 Gbaud Per Lane Full Duplex
Ethernet MAC Subsystem - One SGMII Port Mbps operation
32-Bit DDR3 Interface (DDR3-1066 - 8 GByte Addressable Memory Space
16-Bit EMIF - Async SRAM, NAND and NOR Flash Support
Universal Parallel Port (uPP)
Multichannel Buffered Serial Ports
UART Interface
I2C Interface, 32 GPIO Pins, SPI Interface, Eight 64-Bit Timers, Two On-Chip PLLs


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