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TMS320C66AK2E02 dsp crack

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The TMS320C66AK2E02 provides up to 5.6 GHz of ARM and 1.25 GHz of DSP processing coupled with security and packet processing. Beijing Sichip is a professioanl company to do TMS320C66AK2E02 code extraction. Email:  Skype: techip.mcu.02

Features of TMS320C66AK2E02:
CorePac Processors
Quad or single Cortex-A15 processors
One C66x DSP core
Network Coprocessor
Packet coprocessor for Layer 2-4
Security coprocessors IPSec/SRTP
Eight-port 1Gb Ethernet switch
Two-port 10Gb Ethernet switch
Cache-coherent Multicore Shared Memory Controller 
1MB per core Level 2 RAM/cache
2MB shared memory with ECC and cache coherency DDR3/3L 1600 interface with ECC


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