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TMS320VC5409A dsp crack

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The TMS320VC5409A provides an arithmetic logic unit and additional on-chip peripherals. Beijing Sichip has been in the TMS320VC5409A mcu reverse field for more than 10 years, and made great breakthrough.

Features of TMS320VC5409A:
Extended Addressing Mode for 8M D7 16-Bit Maximum Addressable External Program Space
32K x 16-Bit On-Chip RAM Composed of:
Four Blocks of 8K D7 16-Bit On-Chip Dual-Access Program/Data RAM
16K D7 16-Bit On-Chip ROM Configured for Program Memory
Enhanced External Parallel Interface
Single-Instruction-Repeat and Block-Repeat Operations for Program Code
Block-Memory-Move Instructions for Better Program and Data Management
Instructions With a 32-Bit Long Word Operand
Instructions With Two- or Three-Operand Reads
Arithmetic Instructions With Parallel Store and Parallel Load
Conditional Store Instructions
Fast Return From Interrupt
On-Chip Peripherals

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