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TMS320DM642 mcu reverse

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The TMS320DM642 is the highest-performance fixed-point DSP generation in the TMS320C6000™ DSP platform. Beijing Sichip can finish the TMS320VC5410 mcu reverse, we can offer you the best service. Email:  Skype: techip.mcu.02

Features of TMS320DM642:
High-Performance Digital Media Processor
720-MHz, 800-MHz, 900-MHz, 1.1-GHz C64x+™ Clock Rates
1.39 ns, 1.25 ns, 1.11 ns, 0.91 ns Instruction Cycle Time
5760, 6400, 7200, 8800 MIPS
Eight 32-Bit C64x+ Instructions/Cycle
Fully Software-Compatible With C64x/Debug
Commercial Temperature Ranges
Extended Temperature Ranges
Industrial Temperature Ranges
Load-Store Architecture With Non-Aligned Support
64 32-bit General-Purpose Registers
Instruction Packing Reduces Code Size
All Instructions Conditional

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