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PIC16F1713 ic crack

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PIC16F1713 combines Intelligent Analog integration with low cost and extreme low power (XLP) to suit a variety of general purpose applications. Beijing Sichip is your best choice to do PIC16F1713 mcu reverse. Email:

Features of PIC16F1713:
7 KB Flash Program Memory
512 Bytes Data SRAM
High Endurance Flash Memory
128 B of Non-volatile Data Storage
25 I/O Pins
Four 8-bit Timers / One 16-bit Timer
2 x High-Speed Comparators
2 x Op Amps
17ch x 10-bit ADC
One 8-bit DAC and One 5-bit DAC
Zero Cross Detect
2 x CCP / 2 x PWM
1 x COG
1 x I2C/SPI
4 x CLC
1 x NCO

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