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C8051F040 IC Cracking

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Beijing Shouxizhixin Technology Co., Ltd. is a company with more than 10 years experience in MCU reverse. Silicon Series MCU Attack line: 15313166205 QQ 2673693374 Skype: ren.renee2
For C8051F040, The MCU Breaking Institute organized a group of engineers to develop a safe,efficient,reliable and quality attack program and success in attacking C8051F040. C8051F040 is a 25 MIPS Mixed-Signal 8051 with 64 I/O Lines, 5 Timers, PCA, SPI, SMBus, I2C, 2 UARTS, CAN 2.0B, 12 Channel (12-bit) A/D, 2 Channel (12-bit) D/A, On-Chip Temperature Sensor, 64K Byte In-System Programmable FLASH, 256 Bytes RAM, 4K Bytes XRAM.
In the IC crack industry, The MCU Breaking Institute has extensive experiences in UV attack techniques, EEPROM and Flash technical analysis, invasive attack and non-invasive attack techniques, hard crack techniques and we are able to provide a safe, efficient, reliable, quality program for each chip. If you have C8051F040 and other C8051F MCU Code Extraction,please contact The MCU Breaking Institute directly.

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