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PIC24FJ64GA006 MCU rerverse

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The PIC24FJ64GA006 microcontroller family features cost effective, 16 MIPS 16-bit MCU performance and many devices with Microchip's eXtreme Low Power Technology. Unique features include USB-OTG, to act as a USB Device or Host, a Charge Time Measurement Unit (CTMU) that allows precision time measurement, capacitive measurement for mTouch® applications and an integrated graphics or segmented display controller. The PIC24 Lite family (PIC24FXXKXXX) features lowest cost and lowest power in small pin count options, with integrated EEPROM, op amps, DACs, flexible PWMs and Configurable Logic Cell (CLC) for real-time logic control..

·  16 MIPS performance at 3.3V

·  XLP Technology for Sleep current at low as 20 nA

·  Support for both 3V & 5V operation

o     2.0V to 3.6V operation

o     1.8V to 3.6V operation

o     2.5V to 5V operation

·  Highly integrated peripherals for segmented or graphical displays, USB-OTG, motor control and capacitive touch implementation

·  Intelligent Analog Integration with 10/12/16-bit ADCs, DACs, op amps

·  Smallest form factors available

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