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DSP56F802 microcontroller decryption

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The 56F802, a member of the 56800 core-based family of Digital Signal Controllers, combines the processing power of a DSP and the functionality of a microcontroller with a flexible set of peripherals on a single chip. This creates an extremely cost-effective solution for a wide variety of motion control, power supply and control applications.

Up to 40 MIPS opeartion at 80MHz core frequency
Integrated Program Flash and Data Flash Memories
DSP and MCU functionality in a unified, C-efficient architecture
MCU-friendly instruction set supports both DSP and controller functions: MAC, bit manipulation unit, 14 addressing modes
Two 12-bit ADCx (1 x 2 channel, 1 x 3 channel)
Serial Communications Interface (SCI)
Two General Purpose Quad Timers with 2 external pins
JTAG/OnCE port for debugging
On-chip relaxation oscillator

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