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TMS320F28054 reverse engineering

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The TMS320F28054  provides the power of the C28x core and CLA coupled with highly integrated control peripherals in low pin-count devices. This family is code-compatible with previous C28x-based code, and also provides a high level of analog integration. Beijing Shouxi Zhixin Technology CO.LTD is a professional company to doTMS320F28054 reverse engineering , we can offer the most professional service.

Features of TMS320F28054:

Byte-Addressable (8-, 16-, 32-Bit Data)

8-Bit Overflow Protection


Bit-Field Extract, Set, Clear



Organized as Two 64K-Byte Blocks for Improved Concurrency

32-Bit External Memory Interface (EMIF)

Glueless Interface to Synchronous Memories: SDRAM or SBSRAM

Glueless Interface to Asynchronous Memories: SRAM and EPROM

52M-Byte Addressable External Memory Space

3M-Bit On-Chip SRAM

2M-Bit Internal Program/Cache (64K 32-Bit Instructions)

1M-Bit Dual-Access Internal Data (128K Bytes)

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