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MC9S08JS16 mcu reverse

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My company can do MC9S08JS16 mcu reverse.

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8-Bit HCS08 Central Processor Unit (CPU)

– 48 MHz HCS08 CPU (central processor unit)

– 24 MHz internal bus frequency

– Support for up to 32 interrupt/reset sources

• Memory Options

– Up to 16 KB of on-chip in-circuit programmable flash

memory with block protection and security options

– Up to 512 bytes of on-chip RAM

– 256 bytes of USB RAM

• Clock Source Options

– Clock source options include crystal, resonator, external


– MCG (multi-purpose clock generator) — PLL and FLL;

internal reference clock with trim adjustment

• System Protection

– Optional computer operating properly (COP) reset with

option to run from independent 1 kHz internal clock

source or the bus clock

– Low-voltage detection

– Illegal opcode detection with reset

– Illegal address detection with reset


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