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Take code from MCU STM32F103RF

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 We are a company do chip decryption. We mainly work on IC reverse analysis such as micro controller decryption, chip crack, MCU attack, DSP reverse. The chip decryption department professionally handles the work of micro controller reverse, chip decryption, GAL logic circuit crack, CPLD crack, recovery of microcode.And we can do PCB OEM, your broad can be copy with my engineer technology. If you have any need, please contact us.

Part of models:

STM32F030CC  STM32F070CB  STM32F030R8 STM32F031G4  STM32F051C8
STM32F051R4  STM32F031E6
STM32F031F6  TM32F030F4  STM32F031K4  STM32F103VB  STM32F103ZE
STM32F101RG   STM32F102C6  STM32F102R6 STM32F105RB  STM32F103R6
STM32F103R6  STM32F103VF STM32F105VB
STM32F100VB  STM32F100VD STM32F100R4  STM32F103R4 STM32F102CB

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