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R5F21274SNFP code extraction

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Due to their tiny size and low power consumption, these microcontrollers are ideal forapplications where miniaturization is a key requirement, such as access control and point-of-sale. With a wide range of serial communications interfaces and on-chip SRAMoptions of 8kB, 16kB, and 32kB, they are very well suited for communication gate way sand protocol converters, soft modems, voice recognition and low-end imaging, providing both large buffer size and high processing power. Various 32-bit timers, single or dual10-bit 8-channel ADC(s), 10-bit DAC, PWM channels and 47 GPIO lines with up to nineedge or level sensitive external interrupt pins make these microcontrollers particularly suitable for industrial control and medical systems.

16-bit capture input functions

4-deep FIFO on each capture

Output Compare (up to four channels):

Single or Dual 16-bit Compare mode

16-bit Glitchless PWM mode

Hardware Real-Time Clock/Calendar (RTCC):

Provides clock, calendar, and alarm functions

High-Speed PWM Module Features

Two pairs of PWM outputs

Dead Time for Rising and Falling Edges

Duty Cycle Resolution of 1.04 ns for Dead-Time, Phase Shift, and Frequency

Supported PWM modes: Standard Edge-Aligned, True Independent Output, Complementary, Center-Aligned, Push-Pull, Multi-Phase, Variable Phase, Fixed Off-Time, Current Reset, and Current-Limit

PWMxL, PWMxH Output Pin Swapping

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